This feature is widely known in other games that EA release. Weekend leagues or Weekend Tournaments are an favourite additions to games. The Madden Mobile game has a brand new Weekend League tournament feature. According to EA: “Every weekend starting today, you’ll have the opportunity to compete in events running Saturday and Sunday in which you can earn massive rewards by proving that you’re the best.” In this article we try to explain what the tournament is and wat kind of Madden NFL (coins) rewards you can get from it.

Starting a tournament

If you want to play a tournament you will have to get a tournament ticket. You can earn a ticket by completing daily quests and other goals. If you got 1,000 Tournament XP, you can opt in for 1 tournament. Once you have started the tournament, you will be matched to another player to play a head-to-head game with tiebreakers. You have to get to 15 wins.


Every tournament or weekend league has different rewards. It all depends on what EA wants to give at that moment and on your level. You can pick get one of the awards available. If you get to 15 wins, you get to pick 1 out of 3 more options. Some get you packs, some coins, some XP etc. You can see the rewards at any time when you are in the Weekend League. Just click on rewards and check what you want to get when you get that 15 wins.

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