Yes, we know that offense is more fun. Defense however is one of the most important parts of the game that is overlooked easily. In this article we will give you tips and tricks to become a defensive pro in Madden NFL 18. A few tips are even good for the more seasoned pro’s in the game. However, most of the tip are written just for beginners in Madden NFL 18 or players that missed the previous installment of the game. And remember: With a good defense you will have more time doing your offensive thing.

The guide:

We have listed the best Madden NFL 18 defense tips we have below. If you would like to know more about one tip, you should try to see the play or tip on a video website like Youtube. Also watching pro’s on Twitch can improve you game by a lot.

3 top defense tips

  • Get used to picking the right plays. Practice all the place and see what suits you the most. Do not pick the most offensive plays at first, but try to keep a balance.
  • Defend the pass by playing the receiver, ball hawk or swat. Try to make a clean and clear pass. If you take too much risk, you will be hushed into defense and probably will lose a lot. Do not let go of the ball that easy.
  • Blitz the Quarterback. When the QB drops back to pass, do everything you can to take him down. Control your lineman.

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