We have established before that defense is of the utmost importance in Madden NFL 18. This guide however will focus on the offensive plays. Like defense it all start with a good tactic. You should get accustomed to the playbooks and formation. Also you must try different things to see what suits you the most. Some players like the ultra-offensive plays, some don’t. It depends on your style.

Play the right play and choose the right formation

Like in real life there are 32 teams that all got their own playbook. In Madden NFL each book has over 500 different plays for 9 formation. That can be a bit overwhelming, but you can learn it quite fast. Just take a look at the playbooks by scrolling over the main menu and select customize. You can see, select and create your own plays. Try to play a lot of different formations and plays to see what suits you and the game the most. Learn by trial and error.

Know when to go for it on the 4th

You have four down to move. Do not take all the risk for a turnover on the fourth down when you are not at the enemies half. Only when you are in the other player’s territory, you can go for it. Play it safe, but risk it whenever the time and placement is right. If you play against the computer you will not be punished by risk all the time, but against other human players… you will. They will punish and score before you can blink your eye.

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